WILL KEIGHTLEY first fell in love with  the Chinese language when he was seven years old on a family trip to Hong Kong, and has dreamt of studying and living there ever since.

Now eleven years later, he returns  for a year of study abroad at City University’s renown  Chinese Linguistics Program for Advanced Learners.

But a summer of student protests against a proposed Extradition Bill that would scuttle Hong Kong’s unique judicial system has left the city on the verge of ruin and martial law. 

The only silver lining in an otherwise dismal end to his dream is a chance encounter with a frontline medic,  a beautiful, valiant freshman at Hong Kong Poly Technical University, and smitten,  he joins her on the embattled streets. 

Night after night they bandage and console, dodge tear gas shells and police batons, and risk arrest and ten year jail sentences in a mainland prison.  

How far will he tempt Fate for a possible future with her?  He doesn’t know, but find out he will, no matter the danger,  no matter the consequences.

HONG KONG ANGEL is a story about action and coming of age set against the background of the 2019 Hong Kong Student Uprising. 

Fiction, 220 pages.

E-novel  $3.95

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